14.09.2017 Welcome new chapter !!

On the 8th of September a large gathering of brothers took place at Chainat. Members from Pattaya, Chosen Few, Renegade and Chainat + many more friends and supporters congregated for the patchover of our new prospect chapter Nakhon Sawan, watched over by godfather chapter Chainat. Leading the way in this new chapter is President Arte, Vice President Aun and secretary Jip, the chapter consists of all Thai members and four prospects so far, some have come from the Wolfblood supporter chapter and Chainat's former secretary Arte was chosen to lead the way, already chapter Chainat has grown amazingly fast and with Nakhon Sawan only 70km north we expect to see huge support and further interest locally. Already in this part of central Thailand Wolfmen mc is the largest club by a long way, the party alone proved that.With big thanks to Mr Goldfinger,Franz and Bennie and all brothers for making this possible, Lots of pics to follow WffW.
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